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Contributions Magazine
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Contributions Magazine Online
Spring 2015
Vol 27 • No. 4

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Common Obstacles to Your Newsletter's Success
Tom Ahern's advice to overcome roadblocks to success.

Make it All About the Donor
Talk to donors where they are, not where you want them to be, advises Jeff Brooks.

Helping Your Board Understand Their Financial Oversight
Andy Robinson and Nancy Wasserman outline the three attributes of effective financial controls for your organization.

A Donor Asks, "Will My Gift Make a Difference?"
Harvey McKinnon tells you how to answer that question.

A Board Member's Guide to Asking the Right Questions
Does your board quiz itself on these vital questions, asks Gayle Gifford.

Finding the Ultimate Board Member
Interview with Kay Sprinkel Grace, author of The Ultimate Board Member's Book.

Why Do We Make Such Lousy Decisions?
James Gelatt wonders why nonprofit leaders can be so dumb.



Perspectives on Philanthropy from Jerold Panas

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